What is lognostics?

lognostics was created for Salesforce Admins, by Salesforce Admins. For many organizations, their CRM system is a critical platform for daily business operations. Our analysis engine allows you to track changes, view activity, perform in-depth security reviews, and more.

How does it work?
Register For An Account

The Salesforce Analysis Engine is currently a free tool for all organizations! Click the Register button at the top to secure your license now.

Connect Your Organization

Setup is quick and easy. After registration you will have the option to connect your production organization, or sandbox. All data is pulled via the API.

Start Analyzing Your Data

We do not store your data, but we do let you analyze it! Within seconds after setup you will see changes, security, and health reports in your dashboard.

What can I do with this tool?

The analysis engine is constantly getting upgraded based on your feedback and requests. Below is a list of some of the out-of-the-box reports you receive with the tool.

User Changes

Review and report on all user changes in the last 24 hours, 30 days, or 6 months.

Object Changes

Be able to visualize changes happening on objects over a rapid period of time.

User Permissions

Get a quick view of all user permissions. Displayed in a data table, searchable by username or object.

Recent Activity

Real time dashboard with recent changes, activity, and admin actions in your Salesforce environment.

Live Search

Interactive Data: Search all system logs by user, object, or specific period of time.

Login Information

Easily track user login information, failed attempts, catch possible brute force attacks.

Connected Apps

360-view of all your connected applications. Track activity, modifications, and more.

Organization Health

Diagnose your organization usage, storage, licensing information, and more.

Why use lognostics?

  • No downloads, no installation – SaaS
  • Universal and interactive global search
  • Run quick searches on permission sets
  • View your data, security, and organization health logs live 
  • Get immediate answers to your ad-hoc questions
  • Track administrator and user activity in real time
  • Data is aggregated into sets based on sections such as: Users, Apex Classes, Field Changes and many more
  • Detect behavior that deviates from normal patterns
  • Painless setup- register your account and connect your org
  • And oh yeah – it’s free.

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