Deployment is an important aspect of Salesforce implementation as the entire success of the project depends on a successful and smooth deployment.  Multiple tools have been introduced in the market to complete the deployment both by Salesforce and other players. Here are a few best practices for any Salesforce deployment:

  1. Never develop in Production Org:

    That’s a thumb rule everybody needs to follow. This is never recommended, as it may have serious repercussions like business continuity disruption, financial losses, and others. Any change needs to be developed in Sandbox and must go through full testing before deployment.

  2. Release strategy/schedule:

    Each and every salesforce implementation should have a defined release strategy for rolling out the new changes. Random releases and changes made to the production system may lead to confusion for end-users and hence may affect business continuity.

  3. Track code version:

    Version Control tracking is another best practice to document all the version changes made at different steps and maintain a copy of these documents with all the resources. Code Version tracking can usually be handled by tools like Git, Apache, and others.

  4. Rollback plan:

    Always have a rollback plan to move to an older version in case things do not work out with the new changes which are part of that deployment. The version control tools can help in rollback if needed.

  5. Code Coverage:

    In order to complete the deployment to production on time, ensure that the developers follow coding best practices and ensure a code coverage above 75%. Failing to do that may lead to deployment errors.

  6. Communicate to Users:

    End-users must always be made aware of the changes coming their way and must be trained for big changes in order to ensure business continuity.

  7. DevOps Implementation Strategy:

    If your company is ready to take the big step of moving to DevOps, the Salesforce DX and other approaches are available in the market to enable movement to CI/CD approach.

Deployments may break the system if the best practices aren’t followed.  Follow the mentioned best practices for happy deployments.

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