Getting started with Salesforce? There are a number of prerequisites we recommend you review. Add some flavor, make sure your profile permissions are properly configured, and setup a sharing model. Though Salesforce as a platform ensures adherence to almost every security standard, you can still define the data sharing security that should apply to your org.

In this age of agile and Dev Ops based development, with average release frequency of a month for a Salesforce customer, what could be a bigger asset for Salesforce admins than ‘time’. To help you with it we have identified some key time-saving activities/shortcuts that will help you in day to day tasks.

One of the major ongoing concerns for Salesforce customers everywhere is the fact that while you can have best practices incorporated during your first implementation, handling the systems issues becomes more and more complex once you start growing. As part of this article, I’d like to provide an approach you can follow while troubleshooting issues in your Salesforce Org and ensuring a stable system growth.

What is the importance of continuously monitoring and maintaining a cleaned up Salesforce instance? To me, it’s a Nirvana stage. Most of the Salesforce projects are implemented with an agile approach with multiple releases happening simultaneously. For enterprise system, there are multiple teams working on the same objects sets, implementing and testing varied functionalities.

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