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Salesforce security and privacy updates for 2020

I don’t know about you, but Salesforce Releases always leave me energized and excited for what’s to come. There are more features than you can shake a stick at, most of them fun, but some of them serious. Although the fun stuff is pretty cool, let’s talk about the more serious side of Salesforce for a bit.

We all know the importance of Security and Privacy in Salesforce. Customers not only demand, but expect that we, as the protectors of their data, take security seriously. Salesforce stays on top of that by continually releasing updates and features throughout the year that we can utilize to protect both our customers, and ourselves. But, it’s also no secret that the large amount of changes that come at us three times a year can be a lot to take in, and overwhelming to execute.

However, we’re here to make that easier!


With the Organization-Wide Default, we have locked down access to the different Objects within Salesforce. For example, if we set certain Objects to Private, this means that only the Owners have access to the records within those Objects. In this example wherein the organization-wide defaults are somewhat restrictive than Public Read/Write, there is a way to make records more accessible to users, and the first steps are through the Role Hierarchy.