Below is a list of the out-of-box features & reports. All of the data is retrieved in real time via the Salesforce API and searchable by user, object, or time range.

Universal Search:
  • Quickly search with any keyword such as: username, metadata, or API Name
  • Auto-Complete Feature: Intelligent search provides suggested results
  • Wide-Spanned Analysis: See all changes done by users in a single page: Workflow rules, validation rules, user management, static resources, matching rules, customize campaign, activities, and much more.
  • Easy Filters; Drill down into a specific category, timeframe, or individual
  • Answer ad-hoc questions with a unified view showing all changes across your org
Latest Changes:
  • View all changes performed in the past 7 days in a visual graph
  • Ability to drill down to a specific time range
  • Track & catch abnormal change activity
Latest Activity:
  • Review all latest changes performed by administrators on your home page dashboard
Licensing Details:
  • Get a clear view of all available/consumed license counts
  • Search by type of license, active/disabled
User Permissions:
  • Unified view showing all permissions associated with your users
  • Easily filter by username to find all object level CRUD permissions
  • Sort by individual, object, or permission type
  • Export permissions to a downloadable document
VF Pages + Lightning Pages
  • All changes performed in VF pages performed by administrators
  • Sortable by date, time, user, or activity
  • Help identify new VF pages in addition to modifications on existing
  • Track if a user has overwritten your code
Apex Classes:
  • All changes performed in Apex Classes over the past 6 months
  • Sort by date, time, or user
Manage Users:
  • All changes performed on the users in your organization
  • Identify new changes/modifications (Ex; An email address change, accounts being enabled/disabled, password changes)
Login Details:
  • Detailed report showing all successful and unsuccessful login attempts over the past 6 months
  • Application, IP Address, Browser Details, Country, Login Type, Protocol Type – easily drill down into any category
  • View all invalid password attempts
  • Large amounts of attempts in a short duration are flagged
Connected App Details:
  • 360-view of all connected apps across your organization
  • Easily identify the latest added or modified
  • Perform app cleanup
Health Logs:

An all-encompassing view of your organization visually displaying governor limits the organization has utilized.

  • Daily API Requests: View consumed/available daily API requests
  • Daily Bulk API Requests: View consumed/available bulk API callouts
  • Daily Sync Apex Executions: Track the life force for any complex Sf architecture
  • Daily Workflow Emails: View consumed/available workflow limit
  • Data Storage: Quickly track the status of your storage consumption
  • File Storage: Quickly track the status of your consumed file storage
  • Mass Email: Track your daily consumed mass email limit
Whole Universe:
  • 10,000-Foot view of your full organization
  • Audit all changes performed in the last 6 months
  • Sorted into sections such as: workflow rule, custom objects, custom apps, flows, and many more
  • Easily sort results and find results immediately