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Different organizations and businesses get the services of Salesforce as their CRM because of its track record of being compliant to the requirements given by different governing bodies from across different sectors and industries. For example, organizations that are part of the financial and health sectors are regulated by different state, federal, and also foreign laws. Salesforce has always worked efficiently to meet these demands by constantly reevaluating and monitoring their processes.

What can I do?

There is no doubt about Salesforce capabilities to ensure compliance, but it is also important that any customer ensures that their organization’s policies and procedures comply with regulatory and ethical standards. Here are some suggestions to work on:

  1. Make use of Configuration reports – track all the configurations made on the system, including the developers who created them and the flow of the processes before a configuration reaches the production environment. Through this you can closely track any changes and updates made that directly affects security and compliance.
  2. Make use of Permissions report – this way you will be able to keep track of the Profile’s you created within Salesforce and their assigned permission sets which allows you to keep track of their security permissions and match that with the security requirements needed from your organization. For example, you can document which users have permission to access a certain Object or Field. permissions report sf
  3. Make use of an Activity Timeline Report – this report is readily available within salesforce wherein you can track user trails while using the CRM. This is essential for investigation and preventing any security breach.
  4. Make use of Salesforce’s Data Dictionary – This will help your organization obtain accurate and reliable information for better data management, that includes data integrity, data consistency, and improved data quality. All these necessary for better alignment with regulatory bodies.
  5. Obtain End-to-End Solutions that can help your Compliance Officers within your organization – Salesforce provides a wide variety of assistance when it comes to their customer’s needs but that is not enough to assure your organization’s compliance with these regulation bodies. Manually obtaining the data you need will definitely be time consuming and hard for your compliance officers. Below are some of the key points to consider

A solution that:

  • Can integrate well with Salesforce
  • Is Lightning Ready
  • Is compliant certified
  • Easy to use for your compliance officers to help them with their ability to:
  • Regularly review current and new compliance regulations within your sector or industry.
  • Constantly review your organization’s compliance policies and processes.
  • Gather in depth knowledge on latest regulations and be up to date to changes and revisions.
  • Schedule audits on your procedures and processes in relation to Salesforce trust and compliance procedures.
  • Assess efficiency of your organization’s policy and regulations and improve on them when necessary.

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Leslie Roberts