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A few years ago, Salesforce released an awesome collaboration tool called Quip that takes your average work documents up a notch. Before Quip, group collaboration could be a major headache. In other tools, you can communicate in the document by the way of comments, however, run the risk of people missing important updates if they were not tagged. You then have to send follow up emails to further communicate certain things that you don’t want to cause clutter in the document. To top it all off with the biggest pain point of all – none of this is captured in Salesforce. That’s right – you’re discussing important business processes or client information in a system that is not your system of record, and you may (or, should) have additional concerns with transparency and security.

Quip helps with all of this. It allows you to keep everything in one place, without having to navigate to ‘one more place’ in order to communicate. It’s also in the cloud, and is a living document, meaning you can see adjustments in real time. This also prevents confusion of multiple document versions, as it can all be contained in one document. Sharing with others is easy with “@ mentions” much like you’re familiar with in Chatter. This can be used with a variety of teams, from Sales to Services to Marketing, and everything in between. Because it can be nested in Salesforce, it also lets you pull information from Salesforce, as well. This is no ordinary collaboration tool!

However, as with any collaboration tool, you have to make sure it’s secure and that the information you send and receive is protected. Let’s take a look at Quip Shield and if it’s the right choice to help you protect your valuable information.

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What is Quip Shield?

According to Salesforce, Quip Shield “provides advanced security measures to help enhance trust, transparency, compliance, and governance” and is compiled of parts that create the backbone for this to provide the protection you expect from Salesforce. The three features of Quip Shield are:

  1. Enterprise Key Management, which allows you to create and manage your own encryption keys in AWS to give you more control over access.
  2. Antivirus Scanning, which allows you more protection from malware and other threats.
  3. Event Monitoring, which allows you to monitor real-time activity to provide real-time reactions.

Is Quip Shield Right for Your Company?

In today’s world, your customers expect that their information will be secure at all times, even when it’s being discussed in a document or viewed in a spreadsheet. With government regulations being updated constantly, who can afford to be lax regarding compliance? No one. The first step to protecting that data is keeping it within arms reach, such as in one system like Salesforce. Quip is the right tool for adding more control over company data so that you can properly respond in a timely manner to inquiries on compliance. The last thing you need is a document downloaded and squirreled away on a user’s device – it’s just one more headache in tracking down sensitive data.

But now that we’ve determined Quip is a great move, what about Quip Shield? Is it really necessary? Ultimately, this is a decision only you can make, however, it’s worth a solid overview.

3 Benefits to Using Quip Shield

Salesforce understands what attributes you would look for in keeping your documents protected. According to Salesforce, Quip Shield can provide the following benefits.

  1. Prevent Data Breaches – Quip Shield allows you to monitor employee actions by keeping an eye on who has access and how they’re using the document. This is also pertinent to external users, as well. Due to real-time visibility, you can stop unauthorized data usage as you are made aware of the issue. You can also prevent ransomware attacks and malware due to the Antivirus Scanning.
  2. Enforce Security and Compliance Policies – Data can also be encrypted on Quip documents, and you can audit data quickly when requested, such as with a GDPR request. Data usage can be tracked, as well, and upon analysis, you can update security policies as needed.
  3. Increase User Adoption – One of the biggest benefits is the increase in user adoption of Salesforce. Business continuity is a must have, and Quip Shield can minimize impact to current functionality, so you should not expect any delays or latency issues from having this additional layer of security. Analytics provide more insight into user behavior and you can utilize this to offer training for your user base to get the most out of Quip. It also adds another way to troubleshoot issues in Quip, so you can get your teams back to work quickly if they hit any snags.

It is worth taking some time to do your research to make sure Quip Shield is right for your company. To learn more, make sure to check out the Trailhead on Quip Shield.


Introducing Quip Shield: Advanced Security for Enterprise Productivity

Leslie Roberts