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When performing a Salesforce implementation, there are enough resources online for you to commit a dedicated person and get the job done well, right? Unfortunately, that is an incorrect statement. Taking on major Salesforce changes or performing a Salesforce implementation without the proper resources can be a recipe for disaster.

While it is not uncommon for “accidental admins” to get their start learning Salesforce while simultaneously implementing changes, to do so without a resource such as a consultant, can leave your org riddled with poorly thought-out solutions that result in inefficiencies and more hours and money spent cleaning it up.

It can result in a terrible experience for both your end-users and internal Salesforce team. This doesn’t also include the concern from your C-level executives on whether or not Salesforce is useful for the company needs. More than likely, this all points to the root cause of poor implementation.

Instead of going down such a long and painful path, why not consider working with a Salesforce consultant who can provide guidance on how to get the job done right – the first time! Let’s take a look at why your business needs a Salesforce consultant.

Salesforce Consultants Have Years of Experience

Make sure you do your homework when it comes to researching Salesforce consultants, but you should be able to find reputable companies and even independent contractors that can meet your needs. Most Salesforce consultants have years of experience under their belt, which is even better for you.

They have a good idea of what to expect when it comes to performing certain projects, and can advise based on their personal experience, so you don’t have to learn “the hard way” your first time around.

A seasoned Salesforce consultant will also be able to access the right tools and navigate more smoothly, saving time and frustration.

Salesforce Consultants Stay On Top of Things

Salesforce consultants often completely immerse themselves in the world of Salesforce. There is a lot to take in from such a broad ecosystem, and as well intentioned as your internal team may be, they simply do not have the time to do it all.

Salesforce consultants know when releases roll out, what to expect, and can help you prepare for things you just never see coming. They stay active in Salesforce Community groups and are aware of maintenance issues and have a network of other professionals close by.

Don’t mistakenly underestimate how much energy goes into staying on top of Salesforce and keeping knowledge fresh and up to date.

Salesforce Consultants Advise on Best Practices

Sure, there is more than one way to solve a problem, but is it the best way? It is unfortunately all-too-common to find solutions that have been implemented without much thought to how they affect the larger system of data and the users that have rely on this system.

A top notch Salesforce consultant can advise on best practices when it comes to using Salesforce and getting the most out of this magnificent tool. Their goal is to ensure that after the relationship ends, your org will be clean, and able for Salesforce to support it with upcoming releases.

Salesforce Consultants Know How to Handle Data

A good Salesforce consultant will know how to handle large amounts of data, and should have years of experience in doing so. Whether it be thousands or even millions of records at stake, your data is precious and the consequences of poor decisions are well understood by a Salesforce consultant.

They can advise on how to clean, migrate, and even mask your sensitive data in efficient ways that keep your data protected and that keep your Salesforce admins from doing hours, or even days worth of data cleansing. This peace of mind in itself is absolutely worth it.

Salesforce Consultants Know Security

A truly professional Salesforce consultant will always keep your company and date security in mind when developing or advising on solutions for your org. They can assist with recommending permissions and profile settings to keep users from seeing data they shouldn’t as well as find any gaps in processes.

Gaps in processes can leave you exposed, especially if third-party apps are used in conjunction with Salesforce. They can also help you adjust settings in your org that keep employees from accessing the system in off-work hours or how much of a latency period before requiring additional logins.

Don’t take any chances when it comes to the security of your org or your data.

Salesforce Consultants Know How to Customize

Salesforce is a great tool, and many out-of-the-box features work well for most customers. However, there are times when a custom solution is the only way to make your org more efficient. A quality Salesforce consultant will be able to help you customize the right solution for your org.

They can advise on whether apex, flows, or a combination of features in Salesforce can assist with your specific needs. You want a custom solution to be flexible and work for the long term, and a Salesforce consultant knows how to make it happen!

You Need A Salesforce Consultant

The bottom line is, whether your org is ten years old or you need one to be implemented, a Salesforce Consultant can help you get the job done well. Internal Salesforce resources are very necessary, but may not have the same combination of experience that a seasoned consultant would have.

Still unsure how to proceed? Reach out to us now to have a short discussion on why Salesforce Consulting is right for your business.

Leslie Roberts